We are an architecture firm based in Raleigh, NC that considers each project unique, crafting custom design solutions to the particulars of a client's specific site and needs.

Key to our design approach is
the relationship of a building to its site
. Through building, we work to bring a new awareness and sense of belonging to the site, to gather its essential properties and bring them close. Good buildings, we believe, enhance our sensitivity to the dynamic nature of our surroundings, to all the living and natural systems of which we are a part, to the change of seasons or weather, to the passage of time, or life on the street. It is the shaping of these inside/outside relationships, from individual to community, from private space to public streets and landscapes that is central to our work. The site, for us, extends well beyond the property lines to the region, its people, culture, history, and future.

Through the thoughtful integration of building and environment, our goal is to support a more sustainable way of living and to connect people more directly to the specific place and larger environment in which they dwell. Listening carefully to the site, and just as importantly, to the client, gives form to our design solutions.

In uncovering the unique character of a place, we often find inspiration in the ordinary, in local vernacular structures that have evolved in a particular place over time. These indigenous buildings often have a modern simplicity, a direct expression of structure and materials, as well as a harmonious relationship with the local climate, that we strive to achieve in our own buildings.