A green infill project in one of Raleigh's oldest downtown neighborhoods, featured in the March 2013 issue of "WALTER:" SMALL AND CLEVER: The Martin house thinks big. Also selected for the Triangle's inaugural 2010 AIA Homes Tour, Fine Homebuilding's 2010 HOUSES issue, The Modern Bungalow, the News and Observer's 2009 Home of the Month, Surprising Spaces, the January 2010 issue of Architectural Record's Green Source magazine, and the Discovery Channel's "Planet Green" network show "Renovation Nation," in which the green aspects of the home are documented in 5 episodes, as described in the Raleigh News and Observer's article Raleigh Eco-home Shines on National Show.

A farm-to-table restaurant, Kimbap is a cozy neighborhood eatery in downtown Raleigh that serves sustainably harvested food grown by local farmers. It is a dream-come-true for owner Kim Hunter whose lifelong goal has been to open her own restaurant.

A thick-walled farmhouse built with Hebel block in rural North Carolina. It is the recipient of Fine Homebuilding's "Editor's Choice Award" for their 2013 HOUSES issue. See the slideshow and hear the audio interview here. It was also selected as Raleigh's News and Observer's 2008 Home of the Month, Farmhouse is Simple and Smart, and was a feature story of the online magazine Architects+Artisans by Michael Welton: A Strong and Simple Farmhouse.

A transformative addition to a downtown Raleigh bungalow. Chosen to be one of six homes to appear in the 2011 AIA Triangle's Homes Tour and featured in the Aug./Sept. 2008 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine, A Tiny Addition for a Growing Family, reprinted here with permission, copyright 2008, the Taunton Press, Inc. See the audio slideshow Making the Most of a Small Space. Also selected as Raleigh's News and Observer's 2007 Home of the Month: Spacious in Disguise.

An environmentally friendly medical office that is a pleasant surprise in this North Raleigh shopping center.

A simple mountain home for a retired couple in Butler, TN. Featured in Fine Homebuilding's annual HOUSES issue, summer 2011, Living Lightly on the Mountain, reprinted here with permission, copyright 2011, the Taunton Press, Inc.

A lake home in the mountains of NC that weaves building and land seamlessly, designed in collaboration with architect Sarah Susanka. It received one of the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards, appearing in Fine Homebuilding's HOUSES issue.

A city park that celebrates water and restores life and health to an urban stream.

An elementary school for children with autism that integrates inside and outside in its teaching as well as its site and building design.

A passive solar home in a Durham cohousing community. Chosen for the Raleigh News and Observer's 2006 Home of the Month: Substance Over Image. Featured in the online magazine Architecture Week, Serenity on a Budget, the PBS TV series "Simple Living" with Wanda Urbanska, the book Inside the NotSoBig House by Sarah Susanka, the August/September 2003 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine, Finding Space in a Small House, and in "Small Homes That Live Large" by Taunton Press.

A public bath and park set on the Noto Peninsula overlooking the Sea of Japan.

A modest renovation that transformed this Raleigh ranch house. Featured in the Jan. 2010 issue, no.208, of Fine Homebuilding magazine, A $40,000 Kitchen Remodel, reprinted here with permission, copyright 2010, the Taunton Press, Inc.

A treehouse addition to a small downtown house on a tight urban lot in Raleigh, NC.

A grapevine-covered community center in Makioka-Cho with a view of Mt. Fuji.

A mountain ranch house renovation that builds the missing connections between house and site. Featured in the April/May 2006 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine: Making A Better Ranch, reprinted here with permission, copyright 2010, the Taunton Press, Inc.

A bluffside home that nestles into the side of Lookout Mtn, TN and abounds with indoor/outdoor spaces. Featured in Timber Frame magazine

A bathroom busts free of the walls that confined it out to the light and view.

A simple renovation with a big impact, featured in Sarah Susanka's book Remodellng the NotSoBig House.